telescope pier design

  • Everything you need to design and build a high-performance telescope pier.

  • How stiff should a pier be?

  • “I feel the Earth move under my feet” – Carole King. How to tame it.

  • Getting the most of what you put in the ground.

  • Simple tricks to make your pier stiffer than anything you can buy (except MOAPs)

  • Component sizing and material selection

  • Things to never do.

  • Things to always do.

  • The secret weapon of DIY base plates.

  • How much is it moving? Deflection tables for steel and concrete.

  • Foundation types and why one beats the others.

  • Reinforcing made simple. What’s really needed.

  • One pour or two?

  • Where to form and what with.

  • Where the bending is really happening.

  • 3 critical things for minimizing steel pier deflection.

  • 9 factors for embedded piers

  • The rat cage is killing us. How to eliminate it.

  • Design tips and tricks to minimize your wiggle.

  • No welder? No problem.

  • Dispelling concrete myths.

  • 51 illustrated pages.


I want this E-book!    $17.50

It’s Here!

The long awaited D.I.Y. E-book on Telescope Piers and Foundations!

I want this E-book!     $17.50

You would never tell your spouse, “you barely met my minimum requirements” or, “your defects were acceptable.” You shouldn’t have to speak of your pier that way either. It’s about getting the most out of whatever path we take to hold up our mounts. Our goal is simply to minimize deflection as effectively as we can. There are several things we can do to improve performance and they often cost less and save effort over what we may have preconceived. This book identifies things that work in our favor and things that work against us. Then, you decide what works best for you.

I just read your book and it’s fantastic. J.C.

This is a gem! W.R.

Frankly, this book should be required reading for anyone considering a pier. B.P.

I am being very honest when I say this has been tremendously helpful to me. It’s what allowed me to say “I can do this” and gave me the confidence to start. Thanks! C.W.

Excellent, IMO. This book answered many questions. Highly recommended. S.S.

Very well laid out and detailed. P.B.

Great book! It will really help when I plant the next cluster of four piers. C.H.

I highly recommend this book. A must-read! W.C.

I bought your ebook on pier design and found it to be fantastic for my project, thanks for providing such a valuable resource! M.N.

book is worth it to really understand the issues with concrete and footers. J.B.

Thank you for your book! I can not thank you enough. Your book is exactly what the Doctor ordered! B.J.

the DIY high performance 8″ steel pier I am building per your eBook is currently off getting blasted and powder coated. It’s a thing of beauty. D.W.

very detailed about all the things you should take into account and how to build a solid pier. D.B.

I really appreciate your help and all you’ve done. B.T.

Guidance is founded upon our material knowledge and experience with over 550 building projects across four continents. It is more specifically based upon our finite element analysis of many telescope piers and parametric investigation to tune pier designs for maximum performance.

Table of Contents:

1.  Introduction

2.  Soil movement

3.  Driven piles

4.  Embedded posts and pipes

5.  Masonry

6.  Concrete

7.  Steel

8.  The rat cage

9.  Case study: concrete pier

10.  Conclusion

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