The Benton Tab


All the finest piers are wearing them!

6" x 24" universal vertical platform for mounting and organizing power supplies, web switches, scope-side PCs, hubs, controllers, and all those things that need a good home.

1/4" powder coated steel with holes at 3" on center.

Benton tabs attach using any 3 adjacent pier anchor bolts.
Custom heights are available. Benton tabs can also be customized to attach to other anchor bolt patterns.

telescope pier

If this is for a new MOAP, simply let us know that you would like a Benton Tab included. If this is for an existing MOAP pier, we already have your pier specs so just contact us to verify information and we'll direct you to your payment portal. If this is for a non-MOAP pier, we need a pic of the base plate, dimensions between bolts, and distance from bolts to shaft. Please contact us and we'll send a drawing for your review and approval and then direct you to the payment portal.

To get your Benton Tab:

Call or text Jim at 325-669-2584

Or email us at

[email protected]